Sally Kohn Complains That Republicans Didn’t Vote Democrat After Gianforte Body-Slam. Shapiro DESTROYS Her With One Tweet.

MSNBC’s Sally Kohn, attempting to take advantage of the alleged body-slam of a reporter committed by Greg Gianforte, who was elected Thursday night in Montana to fill the seat left vacated by Ryan Zinke’s appointment as Secretary of the Interior, mocked Republicans in the state for refusing to abandon voting for Gianforte. That left her wide-open for getting body-slammed herself by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro.

Kohn’s comment came in response to this tweet:

Kohn, eager to show how tolerant Republicans were regarding aberrant behavior, responded:

That prompted Shapiro to fire away:

Kohn, looking for a way out, thought she saw a glimmer of light:

Too late; Shapiro had already pointed out the hypocrisy of Democrats when it came to candidates’ behavior:

Typical of Kohn and Democrats to chastise Republicans for doing something that Democrats have done for decades.


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