Together, throughout the day, left-wing CNN and MSNBC are hardly able to cobble together three million total viewers. That is less than 1% of the American population. After four days spent out here in the real world, that fact showed.

Pulling a single-axle camper, the wife and I and two small dogs pulled out of our cul-de-sac early Tuesday morning. We drove through the mountains of western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee before making a sharp right turn straight up through Kentucky, Indiana, a horror show called Chicago, and finally rural Wisconsin — where I sit right now at my small kitchen table listening to birds chirp and the people of this small town drive by in the act of living life.

Four days driving through and camping in Trump Country, Middle America, that part of this land our media, political, and cultural elite do not want to claim as their land. It is always illuminating to make this trip. Because our media, political and cultural elite have done such an effectively evil job of shrinking down the vastness of America to the size of D.C., Los Angeles and Manhattan, the endless expanse of that part of the country that isn't woke, that doesn't virtue signal and that actually works for a living, is a heartening reminder that we are not alone. Far from it.

The peace of everyday, normal life was only broken with a quick glance at social media or 30 seconds of talk radio. Like messages from another planet, an intense planet where things that do not matter do so very much, even a sneak peek felt like a opening a door and being blasted by a thick, musty heat ... probably from hell.

Out here, no one talks about Russia or 2018 or Montana. Every 30 minutes, the news-break over the radio informs us that President Trump's overseas trip is going pretty well, another anonymous someone leaked something that probably isn't true to a news outlet hungry to publish what isn't true, and baseball and weather and local crime and now back to the Swap Shop.

Meanwhile, on that other planet:


A rush of noise, of sanctimony ... A fire hose of self-regard, of fabricating a reality where Democrats could actually win in Montana — which would, of course, mean we should have listened to the media and voted for the woman who gave Putin our uranium supply.

Man alive.

And then a cold dose of reality courtesy of us hicks, the kind of reality that makes Don Lemon cry … The Republican Gianforte not only won by a comfortable margin in Montana (thank you for that early voting thing, Democrats!), but in the aftermath of this supposed body-slam, even though the end of the campaign was just 12 hours away, the alleged body slammer's campaign still picked up something like $100,000 in donations.

You see, MSM, you really do not matter. This world you try to fabricate through your unified noise machine simply doesn't exist, and those of us out here along whatever rural route we live on, are on to you and your cheap, desperate hustle.

No one wants to see anyone body-slammed, not even an obnoxious left-wing, metrosexual activist posing as a journalist. ... But after years and years of your smug supremacism, your lies and insults, your bigotry and hate ... we do understand.

And some of us sent you a message through the act of writing a check.

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