CLASSY: CNN Analyst Says Trey Gowdy 'Ought To Have His A** Kicked'

On the heels of Anderson "Pooper Scooper" Cooper's infamous "dump on his desk" comment, CNN added more evidence of what appears to be its deliberate attempt to lower its own bar for journalistic decorum on Wednesday, this time involving an analyst casually calling for violence against a Republican Congressman. He, of course, received no pushback from the show's co-hosts, Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota.

CNN's latest assault on its own credibility occurred on New Day on Wednesday, when the co-hosts brought on CNN counter-terrorism analyst Phil Mudd, a former CIA counter-terrorism official, to offer his thoughts on Gowdy's questions to former CIA Director John Brennan about the existence of any actual "evidence" of the alleged collusion between Team Trump and Russia. Here's how Mudd responded (emphasis added):

MUDD: Trey Gowdy ought to have his ass kicked. He knows the difference between intelligence and evidence. Let me tell you something, Alisyn, if you’re an American citizen, and the National Security Agency collects intelligence, that is intercepts of Russians, who report what you’ve said, do you think it’s fair to go to a court and say that’s evidence that you did something wrong? That’s why the FBI is going to a year or more to investigate this, because the American citizens involved in this have a right to have evidence presented in a court beyond a conversation that a Russian official reports. In my world, this distinction is black and white. It is a hard line. I know it’s frustrating for the American people. But I hope they don’t want evidence to be perceived as something that a Russian official says, and that’s it, you can be convicted on that. It’s not.

Note that the producer conveniently never cuts to the co-hosts' reactions to the "ass kicked" line. A loud off-camera sound can be heard immediately after the statement, which is likely a laugh or else someone hitting a mic, or both. Regardless, the co-hosts offer Mudd no pushback throughout his whole spiel. But as James Woods puts it, "It's not news, it's CNN," so this is no longer surprising.

Watch the video below (via Washington Free Beacon):


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