The failure of the regressive progressives to address the Islamization and radicalization of Muslim youths has created a dangerous void in the political landscape. The Regressive Left’s obstinacy and unwillingness to criticize or condemn the ideology of radical Islam has further obscured the distinction between Muslim people and the idea of Islam.

The cowardly politics of obfuscation have resulted in equally unhelpful and absurd solutions. On Monday Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump announced a proposal to ban entry of all Muslims, including US citizens, into the United States. This is, of course, an asinine policy. “It’s a rotten idea all the way around: legally, ethically, practically,” asserts The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro. “Trump’s supporters need to realize at some point that knee-jerk extreme reactions to events of the day don’t substitute for good judgment.”

“As predicted, liberals' failure to take on Islamism morally & responsibly has left Trump's bigotry & fear-mongering to fill the void,” argues Pakistani-Canadian writer Ali Rizvi.

The backlash against Islam is now, reflexively, being directed against Muslims, followers of the faith that are more different from each other than alike.

In an effort to aggressively peddle the obvious truth that not all Muslims are terrorists, supposedly well-meaning liberals have stifled necessary criticism of the ideological underpinnings of terrorism. Instead of combating the toxic ideologies fueling radical Islam, the Left excuses violent behavior through absurd explanations like global warming and income inequality.

Islam is a religion like any other. Islamism is an ideology that seeks to impose any version of Islam over society. When expressed through violence, I call it jihadism,” states Maajid Nawaz, founder of the UK based anti-extremist think tank, the Quilliam Foundation. In order to properly combat the deadly ideology, we must honestly discern the variables that seem to signal radicalization. Nawaz shrewdly highlights the Left’s soft bigotry of low expectations when it comes to Muslims:

But for those who I have come to call Europe’s regressive-left how could Islamist tyranny—such as burying women neck deep in the ground and stoning them to death—possibly be anything other than an authentic expression of Muslim rage at Western colonial hegemony? For don’t you know Muslims are angry? So angry, in fact, that they wish to enslave indigenous Yazidi women for sex, throw Syrian gays off tall buildings and burn people alive? All because… Israel. For Europe’s regressive-left—which is fast penetrating U.S. circles too—Muslims are not expected to be civilized. And Muslim upstarts who dare to challenge this theocratic fascism are nothing but an inconvenience to an uncannily Weimar-like populism that screams simplistically: It is all the West’s fault.

The Left (including its self-righteous White, Western Third Wave Feminists) has displayed an inability to “call-out” the patriarchal, misogynistic, and anti-democratic tenets of radical Islam, and its well-grounded, historically precedented interpretations. Accordingly, Nawaz points out the self-destructive consequences and cruel irony of liberal White Westerners Islamsplaining:

It is my fellow Muslims who suffer most from this patronizing, self-pity inspiring mollycoddling. And just as American Muslims, with some reason, fear becoming targeted by right-wing anti-Muslim prejudice, British Muslims are being spoon-fed regressive-left sedatives, encouraging a perpetual state of victimhood in order to score their petty ideological points against “the West.” In the name of cultural diversity, aspiration is being stifled, expectations have been tempered and because Muslims have their own culture don't you know, self-segregation and ghettoization have thrived.

According to the Eurasia Group’s Ian Bremmer, 71 people in the United States have been charged with ISIS-related activities since March of 2014. Despite the recent publicity around female jihadists, 86% of these ISIS recruits are male, the average age being 26.

Radicalization entails a process of utter disconnect with reality. From blaming the West and Israel for all the world’s ills to spouting conspiracy theories about cabals of Jews controlling the world, radicals often flock to simplistic explanations for why the world is the way it is.

As a result, they become disillusioned and despondent, seeking something more than earthly living. That’s where the idea of “Islamic paradise” comes into play.

“As predicted, liberals' failure to take on Islamism morally & responsibly has left Trump's bigotry & fear-mongering to fill the void."

Pakistani-Canadian writer Ali Rizvi

Young Muslim men, in particular those that have come to age in a repressive society, are seduced by the notion of a sexual Garden of Eden. Hate preachers and jihadist recruiter appeal to these carnal desires by promising 72 virgins and endless sexual bliss once a suicide bomb mission or an act of martyrdom is successfully executed. Al-Qaeda’s own jihadist recruitment manual exploits these vulnerabilities, waging psychological warfare on susceptible young Muslim men.

“Focus on At-Targheeb (teachings of the desiring for Paradise), but don't completely leave At-Tarheeb (teachings of the terrifying punishments of the Hellfire),” notes Al-Qaeda’s “A Course in the Art of Recruiting.” “You should spend more time reminding the candidate of Paradise and how to get there, than about Hellfire.”

Somewhere in between the ludicrous pontifications of Donald Trump and the Islamic religious apologetics of Barack Obama there lies a more reasonable strategy to combat the ideological poison of radical Islam.

For the world at large, the only viable strategy for containing the threat posed by the Medina Muslims is to side with the dissidents and reformers and to help them to do two things: First, identify and repudiate those parts of Mohammed’s legacy that summon Muslims to intolerance and war, and second, persuade the great majority of believers — the Mecca Muslims — to accept fundamental changes to Islamic doctrine,” explains human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali. “We in the West cannot remain on the sidelines, as though the outcome has nothing to do with us.”