'Daily Beast' Laments That Just 1 In 5 Americans Want To Have Sex With A Transgender Person

On Friday, The Daily Beast ran a bizarre piece by Samantha Allen decrying the supposed intolerance of Americans regarding transgender people. She cited a YouGov survey finding that “less than 20 percent” of Americans “said they would be open to dating a transgender person.” This, she said, was “disappointing but unsurprising … Cultural acceptance has tended to lag behind formal recognition.”

First off, a quick note: it is not “discriminatory” for a straight man to want to date biological women. It would be quite bizarre, in fact, if a straight man wanted to date a biological man with a mental disorder. According to transgender advocates, remember, a fully biological man who feels that he is a woman is a woman. That means that according to Allen, if you’re a dude who doesn’t feel like dating another dude who feels that he is a woman, you’re just a sexist. This logic also inadvertently makes a hash of the entire gay rights movement, too: if you’re gay, presumably you prefer sexual relations with a member of the same biological sex, not a member of the opposite sex who believes he/she is a member of the same biological sex. Is it sexist for a lesbian not to want to have sex with a “woman with a penis”? No, actually it isn’t. That’s ridiculously stupid.

But it is worthwhile noting that the media’s full-scale assault on basic biology and logic have had an effect: the massive increase among young people who believe that if they only want to have sex with members of the opposite or the same sex, they’re doing something wrong. Allen called it “more heartening news” that younger Americans were more “open to having sex with a transgender woman,” including “13 percent of 35-to-54 year olds, and 19 percent of the 18-34 age bracket.” The survey did not specify whether the numbers changed if the transgender woman was pre- or post-op, so we have no way of knowing whether 19 percent of young men are willing to have sex with a biological man who looks like a woman, for example. But the general notion that sexual attraction is a social construct that can be trained out of people runs directly counter to the gay and lesbian rights agenda, which suggests that sexual orientation is biological and unchanging.

Here’s the bottom line: once you state that gender is entirely a social construct, anyone who “discriminates” in any way regarding sexual partnership must be a bigot. That’s where the Left is going: Bill Nye’s idiotic ice cream party. But the leftist program is apparently working. Allen reports that “Millenials were also twice as likely as Gen Xers to say that they have felt a gender identity different from the sex they were assigned at birth.” So much for transgenderism as a strict biological phenomenon, as opposed to one impacted by environment.

This is a recipe for societal unhappiness, since it runs up against biology as well as sexual mores that tend to correlate less frequently with depression. But the Left doesn’t care about human happiness, so long as it can participate in tearing down the structures of gender that undergird family and, by extension, civilization.


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