You have to wonder what took her so long.

On Friday, Huma Abedin reportedly filed for divorce against Anthony Weiner, the same day he pleaded guilty to sexting with a minor. Abedin brought an anonymous versus anonymous action in Manhattan Supreme Court, according to The New York Post.

The relationship started in 2001, when Weiner, a second-term congressman, asked Abedin, a senior advisor to Senator Hillary Clinton, to go on a date at a Martha's Vineyard Democratic National Committee retreat. Abedin recollected to Vogue last year, “It didn’t go so well. A friend of mine came up to me and said, ‘He’d like to meet you.’ I was working. My mind wasn’t even there. He came over, he said hello, and, honestly, that was the end of it.”

Weiner invited her for drinks with a group; Abedin recalled, “Our recollection is not identical. But we both remember that I ordered tea, and then left to use the ladies’ room, and then never came back. That was our first meeting.”

In 2008, they started dating as Hillary ran for president during Clinton's first presidential campaign. Abedin gushed:

One of the things that, because we became friendly, I found striking about Anthony was how smart he was, what a great debater he was. He was smart, he was passionate. When he wanted to do something that he thought was the right thing to do, he would not give up. The kind of dedication and passion he had for helping people, I found very attractive and inspiring.

Bill Clinton officiated at the couple's wedding in July 2010. Less than one year later, Weiner's Twitter account showed him in his underwear; he first said he had been “hacked,” but later admitted he tweeted it as a “joke.” He apologized, saying, "I have a loving wife. It's not anything like that. I treated it as a frivolous thing, not acknowledging that it was causing harm to so many people and would eventually come out." Meanwhile, Abedin is pregnant.

Weiner resigns from Congress on June 16, 2011; in December their son Jordan is born.

In April 2013, Abedin tells New York Magazine:

At the time, we were very early in our marriage, but it was an old friendship. He was my best friend. In addition to that, I loved him. There was a deep love there, but it was coupled with a tremendous feeling of betrayal. It took a lot of work, both mentally and in the way we engage with each other, for me to get to a place where I said: "O.K., I’m in. I’m staying in this marriage." Here was a man I respected, I loved, was the father of this child inside of me, and he was asking me for a second chance. And I’m not going to say that was an easy or fast decision that I made. It’s been almost two years now. I did spend a lot of time saying and thinking: "I. Don’t. Understand." And it took a long time to be able to sit on a couch next to Anthony and say, "O.K., I understand and I forgive." It was the right choice for me. I didn’t make it lightly.

In May 2013, Weiner announced he was running for mayor of New York, stating in a video, "Look, I’ve made some big mistakes and I know I’ve let a lot of people down." Abedin adds, "We love this city. And no one will work harder to make it better than Anthony." More sexting that is extremely graphic from Weiner surfaces in July, he gets clobbered in the primary.

On Aug. 28, 2016, The New York Post reports Weiner sexting with another woman as he lies next to his four-year-old son.