Palestinians, A Hunger Strike, And Hate In Toronto

As the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners in Israel continues, it garners admiration from terrorist supporters around the world. The strikers, Palestinian terrorists, are doing so to try and spread falsehoods about the Israeli prison system, which they have dubbed Judicial Apartheid. They utilize the cum hoc fallacy, saying the Palestinians in prison are there without just cause. But the real reason for the number of Palestinians in prison is that they are terrorists who glorify martyrdom while the Palestinians indoctrinate young children to hate and murder Jews.

The leader of the hunger strike, Marwan Barghouti, was instrumental in the first and second intifada with Fatah (the supposed moderate Palestinian political party) and murdered five Jews in Israel. Barghouti was even caught eating cookies during the hunger strike.

Yet this failed to dampen international support. There is even a viral challenge called "Tthe salt water challenge” circulating Facebook to show solidarity for the terrorists electing to starve themselves.

On May 13 in Toronto, there was a large demonstration organized to show support for the Palestinians, including protesters at the rally gesturing with their cups of salt water to show their support. I disguised myself as an Antifa member and attended to see what falsehoods they would perpetuate. (Antifa, a radical left group that riots against anything they disagree with, labels anyone to the right of them as Nazis in order to justify Antifa’s violence against them.)

Antifa was one of the many groups present at the event. There were the usual fabrications such as Israel is an apartheid state and Israel illegally occupies Palestinian's land.

“Intersectionality” was employed as Black Lives Matter (despite many Arabs keeping black slaves), LGBTQ+ rights groups (despite gays being hung off buildings in Gaza) and a Filipino nanny social justice collective all came and spoke at this rally.

Among the lies promulgated were these: Only “white European” Jews were allowed in Israel and all of the hunger strikers were political prisoners.

The speakers claimed to support the rights of indigenous Canadians yet denied those same rights to indigenous Jews. When Ryan Bellerose, a Zionist indigenous Canadian, came over, violent protesters threatened to stab him.

Ironically, while the speakers chanted about how black, indigenous and LGBTQ+ lives matter as well as a whole host of other “oppressed” minorities, Jewish people were noticeably absent from the list despite being the largest percentage of hate crime victims in Canada.

After awhile the crowd started chanting “Intifada, Intifada,” a reference to past murder sprees against Jewish Israelis.

This scene looked like something from Berlin in the 1930’s, not what one would think would be Toronto in 2017.


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