During her eponymous show this past Saturday, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry shared her fears of Republican prayers for victims of tragedy and their loves ones being directed towards an “anti-Muslim” god.

Closing her eyes in deep thought, Harris-Perry said, “I keep feeling like when we say ‘I’m praying’ that we think we’re praying to some kind of god that is anti-Muslim, that is counter-Islamic - and, that we consistently will see Muslims in prayer as somehow dangerous, threatening - as opposed to prayerful and sacred practice.”

Earlier in the segment, Associate Professor at Princeton’s Theological Seminary Yolanda Pierce opined that prayers from Republicans were “contradictory,” in that the GOP policies were incompatible with expressions of desire to curb criminal gun violence.

Pierce also accused Republicans of “promoting” gun violence, saying, “So I am praying that there won’t be any more gun violence even as I am actually doing something that is the opposite, promoting more gun violence, right? So how do we deal with the hypocrisy?”.

“We could end gun violence if we wanted to. We could end poverty if we wanted to. We as humans have the tools at our disposal to end these things that grieve us so,” said Pierce, promising that Democrats could win the left’s war with the human condition and usher in utopia.

In the immediate aftermath of the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA, left-wing media, politicians, and celebrities mocked Republicans and conservatives expressing prayers for the victims and their loved ones on social media.

Watch the entire segment here.

H/T Trent Baker at Breitbart