DePaul University's decision to ban Gavin McInnes yesterday is only the tip of the iceberg in its commitment to appease leftist causes. Last Friday, DePaul's Student Government Association (SGA) announced the results of the board election for the 2017-2018 year. In addition, it announced the results of the following referendum:

Each year, undocumented undergraduate students who do not have access to federal financial aid (FAFSA) undergo a financial gap often exceeding $17,000 (not including room and board).

Should we support our fellow students who, like we, dream of obtaining an education from DePaul by creating a scholarship initiated by a $2 quarterly addition to our Student Activity Fee?

The referendum passed 1684 to 302. On Tuesday, DePaul's SGA announced that university President Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider approved the referendum in this statement:

Today, we are happy to announce that President Fr. Holtschneider has approved a $2 increase to the student activity fee that will fund a scholarship to support those who are ineligible to file for federal aid. The VP for student affairs will work on a working group to get the scholarship in order with the hopes of a distribution by September of 2017 with SGA's new leadership. The students of DePaul University along with Undocumented Vincentians & Allies are students who recognize the opportunity for higher education for undocumented students and the barrier associated with that, and I couldn't be prouder to have served them this past year.

Jorin Burkhart, an executive board member of DePaul College Republicans, told The Daily Wire that the university has previously issued statements saying that they're unable to cooperate with ICE as far as disclosing info about illegal immigrant students. However, Burkhart points out that the new scholarship would require the university to know the status of these undocumented students, meaning that their assertion that they don't know who's legal and who isn't is utter garbage.

Many other private universities provide tuition for undocumented students. Pitzer College, for example, has offered a full-tuition scholarship for an undocumented student in California since 2012.

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