Would Chelsea Manning Have Been Released From Prison If He Weren’t Transgender?

Would American traitor Chelsea Manning have his sentence commuted by President Barack Obama and set free from prison if he weren't transgender?

Not a shot. On the contrary, Manning would still be rotting in jail where he belongs if he still went by Bradley.

Manning, a traitor who leaked hundreds of thousands classified records to WikiLeaks, was President Barack Obama's liberal pet-cause at the height of the transgender debate, of which the president himself was a self-inserted catalyst. The former analyst's 28 years remaining on his 35-year sentence was commuted on Obama's way out the door in January of 2017 as a parting gift to trans activists and likely as an attempt to add a few bonus points to the liberal legacy that he's so utterly obsessed with protecting. (Note: Trump signed much of it away in a matter of days in office.)

Let's start with Manning's crimes:

As reported by The New York Times, Manning, who then went by Bradley, was deployed to Iraq in 2009, where he worked as an intelligence analyst, giving him access to classified government documents. He then copied an estimated 700,000 military documents and gave them to Julian Assange's WikiLeaks to be exposed to the world.

He was subsequently found guilty of espionage, "a mixed verdict that dealt a rebuke to military prosecutors who sought to prove that the largest leak in U.S. history had assisted al-Qaeda," as noted by The Washington Post. "The judge, Col. Denise Lind, found Manning guilty of most of the more than 20 crimes he was charged with, including several violations of the Espionage Act."

Facing up to 136 years in prison, Manning was sentenced to 35.

It remains unclear how many, if any Americans were killed due to the leaks. But Arizona Senator John McCain said in January of 2017 that he's confident the Taliban used the information and retaliated against those named.

McCain told Fox News host Bill O'Reilly he felt "sorrow for the families of those individuals who identified in these leaks in Afghanistan that the Taliban went after and murdered. And rage because this president is basically endorsing a proposal that allows someone to go free who is responsible for the needless deaths of those people who are allies ... Let me be specific. The information I received when I was there was that the Taliban went after these people. I assume, killed them."

Julie Tarallo, a spokeswomen for McCain, also pushed the claim, explaining that Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said he would "punish" American-aligned Afghan nationals who were named in logs released via WikiLeaks.

"If they are U.S. spies, then we know how to punish them," said Mujahid.

So Manning,at the time, was responsible for the largest American intel dump in United States history, which possibly got Americans killed.

Bradley is suddenly transgender, immediately becoming a hero to those on the Left, including then-President Obama:

As reported by The Daily Wire on Wednesday:

In 2013, Manning, while still behind bars, decided he was actually a female and announced the start of his transition to the public. Of course, with the trans declaration came a lawsuit; the criminal was denied access to hormone therapy. In 2015, the U.S. Military capitulated to Chelsey's demands to pay for the transition treatment.

Manning also "went on a hunger strike last year before the Army agreed to provide her with gender-reassignment surgery," notes Heat Street. According to The Military Times, such a treatment, which can cost upwards of $50,000, will be paid for by the government, AKA taxpayers.

Manning was suddenly a transgender hero. Leftist outlets, like The New York Times, Rolling Stone and CodePink all gushed over Manning and how allegedly inhumane it was for him to be in a men's prison. (Reminder: He's a man -- oh, and a traitor!)

President Obama brings transgender issues to the forefront, prompting him to commute Manning's remaining sentence:

In May of 2016, the then-president issued a far-overreaching directive which mandated all public schools to capitulate to transgender doctrine under the threat of lawsuits and revoked federal funding. Seemingly making up for his anti-gay marriage past, Obama clung to the fourth letter of the LGBTQNBG9H alphabet as the issue he would "champion."

Then, mere months later, Obama commuted the remaining 28 years on Manning's sentence as a boost to his "progressive" legacy.

"The sentence she received was very disproportionate relative to what other leakers had received," said Obama.

"I feel very comfortable that justice has been served and that a message has still been sent," he added.

Again, Obama's decision to commute Manning's sentence hinged on his legacy, which collided with Manning's sudden transgender heroism.

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