BOMBSHELL Report: Murdered DNC Staffer In Communication With WikiLeaks

Before anyone confuses me with someone who traffics in The-Clintons-Murdered-So-And-So conspiracy theories, I am not. I'm happy to Twitter-troll Hillary and her media over her "Parkinsons disease," but when it comes to an actual crime, that is where my personal line is drawn. Nevertheless, this just-released Fox News report about the late Seth Rich and WikiLeaks, now confirmed by multiple sources, is a fascinating story that might help to explain a lot, especially a lot of what we are seeing in the corrupt media regarding Russia.

In July of 2016, Seth Rich was a high-ranking staffer at the Democrat National Committee and just 27 years-old, when he was murdered -- at the height of the presidential campaign -- in Washington DC. According to police, just a block or so from his home at 4:20 a.m., Rich was fatally shot in the back -- twice. Even though nothing was taken from Rich, the DC police wrote off the murder as a botched robbery. Apparently, crime had been escalating in Rich's Bloomingdale neighborhood.

The murder remains unsolved.

So far, so good. None of this to me is suspicious or even out of the ordinary. I'm just not prepared to believe the DC police are involved in a widespread cover-up to protect the Democrats or Hillary Clinton, especially in the age of New Media where a whistleblower can easily go around corrupted media outlets like The Washington Post and CNN, who I believe would cover-up a murder to protect Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

Why the Rich story matters has nothing to do with the tragic murder of a young man.

Let us first, though, acknowledge that unlike every CNN, Washington Post and New York Times' "bombshell," which are always based on a single anonymous source, this bombshell from Fox News has more than one source, including an on-the-record source.

This is potentially big:

The Democratic National Committee staffer who was gunned down on July 10 on a Washington, D.C., street just steps from his home had leaked thousands of internal emails to WikiLeaks, law enforcement sources told Fox News.

A federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report detailing the contents of DNC staffer Seth Rich’s computer generated within 96 hours after his murder, said Rich made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time. …

“I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and Wikileaks,” the federal investigator told Fox News, confirming the MacFadyen connection. He said the emails are in possession of the FBI, while the stalled case is in the hands of the Washington Police Department. …

The federal investigator, who requested anonymity, said 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments between Democratic National Committee leaders, spanning from January 2015 through late May 2016, were transferred from Rich to MacFadyen before May 21.

I'm not yet anything close to prepared to assume Rich was murdered for any reason other than a botched mugging, but this is why the story matters…

1) If Rich is indeed the source of the DNC WikiLeaks document dump (his family denies it), the entire conspiracy about Trump colluding with Russians goes completely out the window. Russia did not steal these emails, they were leaked by a DNC staffer who was probably furious (justifiably) over the DNC rigging the election against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary.

2) This would finally explain why the DNC refused to let the FBI investigate its servers as a means to track down the source of the leak.

3) If you read the story above closely, a federal investigator knows that Rich was the WikiLeaks source. If that is true, former-FBI Director James Comey had to have known it and, as has been suspected, was covering up evidence that would undermine the entire Russia-Trump hoax. In fact Fox's on-the-record source, a private investigator working for the Rich family, openly claims the FBI is not being forthcoming.

Again, you do not need to go the full-Pelican Brief to understand the consequence of this potential bombshell. The conspiracy around the murder is pure speculation. The claim that the DC police have been ordered to stand down in their investigation is pure speculation (and has been denied by the DC police).

What has reportedly been found on Rich's computer with respect to WikiLeaks is, however, a nuclear bombshell all on its own.

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