TOTALLY SANE: 'Avengers' Director Happy His Mom's Dead Because Of Trump

Avengers director Joss Whedon has a knack for exposing just how hysterical Hollywood anti-Trumpism really is. On Mother's Day, Whedon did just that by tweeting a message about his deceased mother:

That's right, Whedon's frail soul is so distraught over a Trump presidency and the subsequent "tub of f***ery" our nation has allegedly devolved into that he considers his mother's death a "gift." Yikes.

Not to mention, Whedon's phraseology here makes it sound as if he killed his own mother.

Concerned Twitter users responded accordingly.

In January, the Democratic mega-donor, unhinged yet again, took a sexist swipe at actress Nicole Kidman for saying we need to support the president.

Whedon, without evidence, suggested in April that Trump might start murdering gays.

And just a few weeks ago, the Hollywood director ripped on teenage cancer survivors for meeting with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, referring to the brave young women as "Not a 10" in what he thought was a hilarious Trump joke. It wasn't, and he ended up deleting the tweet.


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