Auntie Maxine Waters Gets Heaping Helping of Impeachment Pie

Rep. Maxine Waters, named one of the most corrupt members of Congress, got a little surprise when she popped back to her district south of Los Angeles for a town hall -- which usually features a slew of adoring sycophants.

Auntie Maxine got a healthy serving of impeachment pie.

Waters has been calling for President Trump's impeachment since 12:01 p.m. Jan. 20. In her world view (which is, of course, miniscule), everything he's done since the minute he took office has been an impeachable crime. Everything.

But some trollsters were out in force before Waters came back to town, posting signs around town calling for her own impeachment.

Turned out famed conservative artist Sabo posted at least one of the signs, according to American Mirror. He had a lot more things to say on his Facebook page, including calling Waters a "poverty pimp."

He posted this poster at a bus shelter.

At the Saturday town hall, Waters reprised her schtick about Trump: “In this business you expect there are people who disagree with you or even hate you. I put everything on the line, I’m going for it [because] I cannot suffer him, I’m so offended by him and the way he’s conducted himself, the way he disrespects people and to add insult to injury he doesn’t respect the government, he doesn’t know anything about it.”

Of course, Waters, like any liberal, can't stand dissent, so when a few Trump supporters piped up at the packed event, they were promptly tossed out. Watch the YouTube video here.

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