Conservative Commentator Amanda Carpenter Rebukes Republicans Big Time

Appearing on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, Amanda Carpenter, the former communications director for Ted Cruz, offered a blatantly honest take on the way in which Republicans need to behave toward President Trump:

Well, here's what I'm reflecting on. The president asked Jim Comey about loyalty, and I think everyone in the Republican Party should be asking themselves about loyalty, and whether they are loyal to the president as a figure, or the oath of office that all public officials take to uphold the Constitution — because we're no longer in this world of a binary choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

And right now, I see way too many fence-sitters all over the media on the Republican side who want to take this position that we're just anti-liberal. They can't defend Donald Trump on these merits. So they blame liberals, they blame the media, they say you can't understand the situation unless you live in some one-stoplight town in middle America, and that you have to take the president — you have to believe the best about what might be in his heart rather than what he says on Twitter every single day.

This is ridiculous; it's not tenable, and Republicans — if they just think politically — this cannot last.

So go ahead and start holding the president accountable. The boogeyman is not going to come out from under your bed; Donald Trump's special police are not going to come get you in the middle of the night if you say: "Mr. President, please respect the three branches of government; please respect the American institution as it's supposed to work, and then you'll be much better off."


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