Latest X-Men Comic Villain Is The Heritage Think Tank

The latest X-Men Gold comic villain is the head of a think-tank called the Heritage Initiative, a clear reference to The Heritage Foundation, the premiere conservative think-tank on the Right.

Comic book artist Matt Battaglia writes in The Federalist that the plot in the comic book involves Lydia Nance, the director of the Heritage Initiative, a group that the protagonists in the story refer to as "a bunch of anti-mutant racists." Nance is pictured conjuring up a group of mutants that launch terror attacks against the public in order to foment an anti-mutant sentiment among the public, thus leading to the deportation of all mutants.

Eventually, the X-Men break into Nance's home, annihilate her security staff and then corner her and call her out on her scheme. Nance, like a typical villain, smugly scoffs that no one will believe them. This prompts the X-Men to result to violence:

She eventually falls down hard on the ground:

The kicker is that the X-Men weren't even threatening to expose her scheme; they warned her that at some point she'll be "revealed for the bigot you are. And we're going to be there, and we're going to take you down hard."

As Battaglia points out, the message the comic is sending is that "actual criminal acts are less damning than wrongthink." This is also notable because the X-Men used violence against Nance, which was dismissed in a rather unintelligent post by Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston as "a superhero trope." Johnston was mainly irked that Battaglia called the X-Men's actions against Nance "torture" in the headline of his piece, but Johnston misses the point at large: the X-Men used violence against her for her viewpoint rather than her actions, which is different from previous comic book superheroes issuing threats through violence.

This is even more egregious when considering that Nance is clearly meant as a reference to The Heritage Foundation, giving the reader the impression that the conservative think tank is simply putting forward research that supports their supposedly bigoted view toward illegal immigrants so they'll all be deported. But Johnston doesn't seem to have a problem with that.

The comic book is a clear reflection of the social justice warrior (SJW) mindset that the author of the comic, Marc Guggenheim, spits out through snarkily unfunny tweets.

Leftist politics seem to run abound in the X-Men Gold series, as Battaglia notes that a previous issue featured "a Quran verse antagonistic towards Jews and Christians." He also writes that "this is after the publisher said Marvel was going to move away from politics." Clearly, this has not been the case and is another example of why Donald Trump won the election in November.

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