The hills of Hollywood were roaring with discontent after news hit Tuesday evening that President Donald Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey. From superstars like Cher to washed-up comedians like Chelsea Handler, the stunning revelation brought out the anti-Trump celebrity crowd in full force. Some of the wealthy elites called for Trump's impeachment, where others just hurled insults or suggested the POTUS has a "mental illness."

All nondramatic, rational reactions, of course.

Cher, in all caps, called Trump a "GUTLESS,LYING,TRAITOR" for firing the much disliked FBI Director.

The musical icon continued, issuing a nearly incomprehensible tweet suggesting some tinfoil-hat Russia/Trump conspiracy theory.

Former comedian and talk show host Rosie O'Donnell, who has had a longstanding public feud with Trump, also took a dive into the deep end, calling for the president, whom she referred to as a "PATHETIC MORONIC SPOILED RICH P****," to resign.

And the madness continued.

Comedian and professional street swastika aficionado Sarah Silverman gave a compelling anti-Trump argument, too: "THIS IS CRAY YALL."

Actor and producer Rob Reiner decided to call GOP members "unpatriotic p******."

Actor John Cusack called for the president to be impeached.

As did gifted musician John Legend.

George Takei of Star Trek and anti-Trump fame also took a tumble into Crazy Land.

Actor Jim Carrey said Trump's actions were "ABSOLUTE EVIL."

And, finally, Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks said Trump suffers from a "mental illness."

Welp, the Hollywood #Resistance is real, so I guess it's time for Trump to resign. That's how this works, right?

H/T The Daily Caller