SHOCK: Tapper Reports Comey Fired For Failing To Pledge Loyalty To Trump, Expanding Russia Investigation

CNN's Jake Tapper cited an anonymous source in a Wednesday report regarding President Donald Trump's Tuesday termination of James Comey from the FBI's directorship.

During The Lead, Tapper described his source as "close" to Comey, framing the information as partly a reflection of the former FBI director's perspective of his recent firing.

Tapper, and CNN more broadly, regularly frame the 2016 presidential election as having been compromised by "election hacking," suggesting that Trump is either a co-conspirator with the Russian government in an operation of political subversion or somehow compromised by or beholden to Russian state influence. Trump's presidency and administration, by extension, are cast as illegitimate.

This is the second of two stories broken by CNN in less than twenty-four hours since Trump's firing of Comey. Minutes after news broke of Comey's dismissal, CNN reported on grand jury issuances of subpoenas to "associates" of Michael Flynn.

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