WATCH: Colbert Informs His Leftist Audience Trump Fired Comey. They Cheer. Then He Has To Correct Them.

On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert’s audience applauded news of President Donald Trump’s termination of FBI Director James Comey, prompting a gentle correction from the left-wing Democrat comedian.

Following the audience's cheering of Comey's removal, Colbert offered a soft rebuke: "Huge, huge Donald Trump fans here, tonight."

Watch the moment below.

Colbert’s audience presumably views Comey as a Republican agent of sabotage who subverted Hillary Clinton’s political fortune, as per narratives pushed by the former first lady and her news media allies at CNN, The New York Times, and Politico.

Joining the left-wing and Democrat-aligned news media's narrative, Colbert indirectly implied that Trump's firing of Comey was intended to obstruct a good faith federal investigation into a conspiracy of domestic political subversion coordinated between the president's political team and the Russian state.

Last week, Colbert's introductory monologue described Trump's mouth as a "c***-holster" for Russian President Vladimir Putin. The late night comedian claimed to be irked by the president's mockery of his CBS colleague John Dickerson as a "fake news" personality.

H/T David Rutz at The Washington Free Beacon.

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