In a piece all about "periods, policy and politics," Newsweek, once a reputable news source, delves into the world of "menstrual equity."

Apparently, frail women should not be expected to pay for their own personal hygiene products, even if they're convicted criminals. Oh, and women should also be awarded paid days off for having a "painful period," which would definitely incentivize business owners to hire more females.

Newsweek first sets the stage for the period revolution by patting themselves on the back for publishing a cover story last year "about how the fight to end period shaming was going mainstream, highlighting the advocates, politicians, entrepreneurs and inventors working to eliminate the tampon tax, redesign menstrual products and improve access for everyone, everywhere." The outlet suggests this report was the catalyst for the period movement so prevalent today.

The piece then highlights the movement's progress, pointing to laws which make tampons and pads "free" — and by free they mean funded by the American tax-payer — in jails, public schools, shelters and even businesses exceeding 100 employees:

Last year, New York City passed landmark legislation making menstrual products freely available in public schools, shelters and jails.. ... In February, Representative Grace Meng of New York introduced a federal bill that would let people buy menstrual products with flexible spending accounts, offer a tax credit to low-income individuals who regularly use tampons and pads, and require companies with 100 or more employees to offer free menstrual products in workplace restrooms. The name of that bill? The Menstrual Equity for All Act of 2017.

And there's more. In the state of Colorado, "women in prisons will no longer have to pay $7 for a box of tampons; instead, they’ll have access to free tampons, thanks to an amendment in the state’s latest budget bill, which is on its way to the governor," notes Newsweek.

“For a small amount of money, we can help provide a small piece of dignity,” said Colorado Rep. Faith Winter.

Thank goodness we're focused on making tampons tax-payer funded for convicted criminals and not focused on silly issues.

Newsweek also highlights the so-called progressive efforts in Europe, which, if passed, will allowed women to take paid days off for "painful periods."

"Italy may soon become the first Western country to offer women paid menstrual leave if a new law passes requiring companies to give female employees three paid days off when they suffer painful periods," gushes the outlet.

The only worthy suggestion coming from this "menstrual equity" movement is the call to rid such products of state income tax, not because of some secret sexist agenda imposed by The Patriarchy, but because lowering taxes is a good thing both in principle and for the economy.

But the entitled calls here from feminists who perceive tampons and pads as some human right — what isn't in 2017? — is nauseating. Tax-payers should not be forced to fund your personal hygiene. Period.