Video: Two Women Angrily Harass White Guy For Wearing A Poncho

In the latest example of liberalism bearing its brain-rotting fruits on college campuses across the country, a young woman filmed herself and her friend berating a fellow student for the unpardonable crime of wearing a poncho on Cinco de Mayo.

The video below begins when Mike, a guy minding his own business on the way to class at the University of New Hampshire, is confronted by a rabid female social justice warrior who asks him, "What's the point of wearing a poncho?" Things only get more absurd from there:

"If you're not Mexican how is it your holiday," the woman screeches at Mike and his friends, who try to reason with her. The men tell her that they are celebrating a holiday like everyone else to which she shouts back louder, "IT'S NOT YOUR HOLIDAY!"

She continues with blathering condescension, "You're perpetuating the stereotype that Mexicans drink and wear ponchos for a living. That's what you're doing. And you also have to keep in mind the racial tension that's happening right now. Your president claims that Mexicans only come here to drink and steal your job. So you're perpetuating the idea that and stereotypes associated with it."

"You're not appreciating the culture, you're appropriating it, there's a difference," she adds.

"I'm celebrating and I'm having fun," Mike tells her.

"So why couldn't you just dress as Mike," the insane woman continues. "Why does Mike have to wear a poncho to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?"

"Mike wears whatever he wants," he pipes back.

You know what, Mike?...


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