Jimmy Carter Says He Voted For Bernie – Not Hillary – In Democratic Primary

On Monday, appearing with Bernie Sanders at The Carter Center for the Carter Center’s annual Human Rights Defenders Forum, former President Jimmy Carter, 92, who harbors no love for Bill and Hillary Clinton, insinuated that he had voted for Sanders over Hillary in 2016’s Georgia’s presidential primary.

As the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported, “After Sanders suggested that higher voter turnout was the key to defeating the Republican Party, Carter quipped to the audience, ‘Can you all see why I voted for him?!”’”

It’s no wonder; Carter basically checked off Sanders’ list as he stated, “Basic human rights, income, status in society, health care, education, justice. The things in which we used to have complete faith have now been distorted by rich people getting richer.”

Clinton roundly defeated Sanders in Georgia's Democratic primary, 71% of the vote to Sanders' 28%. Clinton won every county in the state but one.

Interviewed by the Journal Constitution about an hour before their joint appearance, Carter effused, “I think during the last election in America, Bernie Sanders represented the best of all the candidates what this conference is about. When you lose your opportunity to have some reasonable chance of a decent income, you lose a lot of other things as well.”

Oddly, Sanders stated that dealing with President Donald Trump was very difficult because he “lies all the time.” Yet he also asserted that Carter is “respected by the vast majority of people in our country.”


Carter somehow had the gall to pontificate that the United States cannot “abandon” its emphasis on human rights as a “key element” of foreign policy.

This from the man who embraced arch-terrorist and murderer Yasser Arafat. Indeed, that is another thing the two men have in common: an abiding hatred of Israel. (See here for Carter and here for Sanders.)

Of course Carter would vote for Sanders.

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