Ayaan Hirsi Ali: 'Anti-Semitism Is Back ... Because Of Islam'

Anti-Semitism's prevalence in the West is positively correlated with the size of its Muslim demographic, said Ayaan Hirsi Ali in a Monday-published interview with Dave Rubin, speaking specifically of anti-Semitism in Europe:

"We thought that after 1945, the end of the Second World War, that there was this enormous insight in the West; no more anti-Semitism. Never again ... But in Europe anti-Semitism is back, and it's back because of Islam."

Left-wing and Democrat-aligned news media outlets regularly ignore or deny anti-Semitism as a social pathology prevalent among Muslims, opting instead to present false narratives of “the world’s oldest hatred” as primarily acute among white Christian conservatives and Republicans.

Ali exposited on contemporary manifestations of the West’s interactions with Islam and Muslims, particularly focusing on mass migration of Muslims to the West in recent decades. She offered a broad division of Islam's adherents into two categories: Mecca Muslims and Medina Muslims; the former more interested in personal and mostly apolitical elements of the faith (i.e. praying and fasting), the latter more motivated by Islamic tenets promoting Islam's fusion with politics (i.e. dawa, Muhammed's military conquests of the Arabian peninsula) and prescribing its domination of the world.

Rubin proffered that leftists “hold Islam hostage” through their reflexive degradation and intimidation of Islamic reformers, effectively preventing reformation efforts to promote less overtly political brands of Islam. “It’s the liberals, unfortunately, the Left, that is holding the more extreme elements of Islam in power," he said.

Islamic reformers, said Ali, are “marginalized, sidelined, and threatened” by wide swathes of Muslims and leftists.

Ali spoke of a political alignment between the Left and Islamists built on shared antipathy toward the foundations and values of Western civilization:

The Left find themselves, I just want to say inadvertently, I can’t believe that they really mean it, they’re doing this consciously and willingly — but they find themselves inadvertently aligned with the Islamists.

I’ve heard some people say that’s because the Left hates America, the Left hates capitalism, the Left can’t deal with political freedom, and to find another group with a similar outlook — even though they want a different outcome — it’s easy, it’s very natural for the far-Left to align itself not only with Islamism but also with other radical anti-Western movements.

The neo-Marxist concept of “intersectionality,” said Ali, amounted to false grievance-mongering for groups of persons arbitrarily defined by superficial biological attributes.

“I happen to be black, and I happen to be a woman, and I happen to be a minority in the United States. I even happen to be an apostate. So talk about intersectionality, but none of that defines me as who I am. I’m more than all of that. I certainly don’t see myself as a victim.”

Leftist paradigms of “identity politics,” added Ali, keep ideological fellow travelers in a “constant state of anger and resentment,” compelling them to “lash out at others” and “demanding that society” offer them benefits at the expense of others.

Ali was interviewed in a non-disclosed location due to security concerns.

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