A 34-year-old asylum seeker in Germany who emigrated from Eritrea cried in court, saying life had been unfair to him ever since he had arrived in Germany in 2014.

Except here’s the reason he was in court; the man, identified as Dawit A., allegedly threw a woman out the window 15 feet above the concrete last July because she refused to have sex with him. The 26-year-old woman, identified as Tirhas, suffered two broken legs.

As reported by The Daily Mail, Dawit A. had allegedly been consuming beer and vodka at a refugee center in Bensheim before the incident. According to prosecutors, Tirhas visited Dawit in his room with another couple. They added that the men drank while the women cooked and made coffee before Dawit A. started acting violently, throwing the apartment keys out of the window because he wanted sex and Tirhas had refused.

Tirhas, balanced on crutches, told the court, “I shouted ‘Please let me out of here.’ He demanded to know if I had another man. He threatened me with a broken bottle, wanted to stab me in the belly. He wanted sex, said I should lie down. When I kept saying ‘no,’ he raised me up like a child, carried me to the window and dropped me.”

Dawit A. reportedly started laughing as Tirhas testified.

Tirhas spent 16 days in the hospital. She told the court: “He not only broke both my legs, but also my spirit.”

Dawit A. cried when he was questioned in court, claiming he was sitting in prison on remand for “no reason.”

There’s one other little iota of information germane to this story: Dawit A. is being investigated for harassing another woman and sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl.

If he is convicted, Dawit could serve five years behind bars for grievous bodily harm, threats, coercion, sexual coercion and deprivation of liberty.