Cord-Cutting Soars To Record Highs -- ESPN and CNN Hit Hardest

Left-wing CNN had another terrible ratings quarter. In all of cable, Fox News was #1 in total primetime viewers, MSNBC was #3, and CNN came in at a sorry #11. During primetime, throughout all of the last quarter, The Least Trusted Name In News could not average even a million viewers. CNN is losing to a gardening channel (HGTV) and a true crime network (Investigative Discovery).

Left-wing ESPN, which used to be the #1 King of Cable, fell to #5 in primetime viewers and #12 in total day viewers. Compared to last season, ESPN's ratings are down a whopping 12%.

But guess what?

None of that matters.


Because Hollywood and the media have so rigged the cable television game, viewership is hardly relevant to the bottom line, ad revenue hardly matters… The real money for CNN and ESPN comes from hidden subscriber fees, and those hidden fees are the reason your cable bill is so obnoxiously high.

The Rub…

Whether or not you watch ESPN, if the left-wing network is part of your cable or satellite package, out of your own pocket YOU are paying them $7.44 a month, which closes in on $90.00 a year. Currently, 88 million people have ESPN on their cable package. You do the math. ESPN is making gajillions off of tens of millions of people who never even watch their stupid channel.

CNN's subscription fee is closer to $1.50 per customer per month, so whether you watch or not, you are paying The Hitler Network $18.00 a year. The most recent number I could find shows that CNN is on 95.4 million cable packages. You do the math. CNN is making billions of dollars from tens of millions of people who never even watch their stupid channel. Think about this: On average, less than 1% of the people who pay for CNN watch CNN. This network cannot survive on its pathetic ratings, which is why it steals $18.00 a year from 95 million people.

The Bottom Line…

Because the Left has found a way to rob you regardless, you cannot hurt ESPN or CNN or MTV or MSNBC by not watching them.

The only way you can destroy the cable networks out to destroy you is by picking up your phone and canceling your cable or satellite package altogether.

The Good News…

People are already doing exactly that. What is known as cord-cutting has already done incredible damage to ESPN.

The Bestest News…

Media stocks took a big tumble yesterday, including CNN owner Time-Warner (tee hee), after it was announced that cord-cutting hit record numbers last quarter. Satellite and cable television providers lost a net total of 760,000 customers, the worst showing in history. That is a mammoth 2.4% drop. For context, in all of last year, 1.7 million cut the cord. At this rate that number could double in 2017.

And why wouldn't it double?

Cable TV sucks. It is absurdly expensive, every hour you are forced to sit through 20 minutes of butt-numbing commercials, and you have people like me screaming as loudly as possible that…

It is your patriotic duty to cancel your cable and satellite package. For America, we must put ESPN and CNN forever out of business, and cutting the cord is the only way to do it.

There is no other way.

I cut my cable over a year ago. Financially, morally, and for simple peace of mind, it is one of the best decisions I ever made. For about 20% of my cable bill, thanks to a roof antenna and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, I currently enjoy more television than I can possibly watch, and those ridiculously cheap streaming services (less than $10 a month) are completely commercial-free.


Cable and satellite TV is the one-legged stool propping all of this evil up.


And after you do so, here is my hand-dandy guide to Surviving and Thriving Without Cable Television.

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