Hillary Says ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Is Coming. She's Out Of Her Mind.

Last night, the eugenecist-founded Planned Parenthood hosted its 100th anniversary gala, featuring several bloviating leftist mouthpieces ranging from Chelsea Handler to Meryl Streep. The guest of honor, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was the recipient of the "Champion of the Century" award. During her acceptance speech, she alluded to the possibility that the United States would be subject to what occurred in Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel The Handmaid's Tale. Here is a transcript of those remarks:

We come tonight to celebrate the last 100 years, the progress that so many generations have fought so hard for — and what a time it is to be holding this centennial, just ask those who’ve been watching ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ a book I read and was captivated by years ago. Now I am not suggesting this dystopian future is around the corner, but this show has prompted important conversations about women’s rights and autonomy. In ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ women’s rights are actually slowly stripped away. As one character says, 'We didn’t look up from our phones until it was too late.' It is not too late for us. But we have to encourage the millions of women and men who support Planned Parenthood's mission to keep fighting. And to paraphrase Margaret Atwood, 'We can never let them run us down.'

This is asinine. Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, written in 1985, depicts a theocratic republic that replaced the United States after killing the President of the United States and hundreds of Members of Congress. The Christian fundamentalists who founded the new state, called the Republic of Gideon, imposed Old Testament law across the land, outlawed abortion, and revoked many women's rights in the process of regimenting society. The story follows a woman named Offred, who is designated for reproduction purposes, who eventually plays a role in bringing down the Republic and reconstituting a new state that gives full women's rights and freedom of religion.

The United States of America is nowhere close to becoming a theocracy. Even though the nation was founded based on Enlightenment principles that emerged from Judeo-Christian society, the United States does not possess a national religion; the Constitution protects the individual's right to practice their religion freely almost without exception. However, the Left frames the conservative movement's constitutional opposition to gay marriage and abortion as an indication that the Right wishes to impose theocratic law upon the country in clear violation of the First Amendment. Furthermore, given the recent budget debates that questioned whether Planned Parenthood would continue to receive funding, the Left is sounding the alarm over Republican attempts to defund an organization that takes no responsibility for its illegal actions or for performing procedures that kill women.

Once again, additional scare tactics by the Democrats that are not founded on reality.

Watch the part of Clinton's speech below:

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