Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has blamed FBI Director James Comey for her stunning election loss to President Donald Trump on numerous occasions, pretty much every time she escapes the woods long enough to find a TV camera. On Wednesday, Comey had the opportunity to defend his decision to alert Congress about new information found in the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email scandal days before the 2016 election.

Comey, not one to show any passion or emotion, unleashed a passionate response to Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein when she attempted to pin the Democratic election loss on the director once again. The director went as far to claim that he'd make the same "right decision" if he was presented with the same information today.

"It was a hard choice, I still believe in retrospect the right choice," Comey said at the judiciary committee hearing. "I can't consider for a second whose political fortunes will be affected."

Comey explained that once he was faced with only two choices: "speak" or "conceal." Speaking, he said, referring to altering Congress about their decision, would be awful and possibly influence the election, but to not speak would be to "conceal," he added, which would be "catastrophic" to the FBI.

"I sat there that morning, and I could not see a door labeled 'no action here,' said Comey, "I could see two doors, and they were both 'action'; one said 'speak' and the other said 'conceal.'"

"To restart in a hugely significant way, potentially finding the emails that would reflect on her intent from the beginning, and not speak about it, would require an act of concealment, in my view. So I stared at 'speak' and 'conceal'; 'speak' would be really bad; there's an election in 11 days ... concealing, in my view, would be catastrophic, not just to the FBI, but well beyond. And, honesty, between 'really bad' and 'catastrophic,' I said to my team, 'We've got to walk into the world of 'really bad.'"