Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss was recently interviewed by fellow feminist Lena Dunham. Moss gushed about how wonderful she is to have “overcome patriarchy” and asked Dunham how one could say that a TV show was “too ‘female.'"

In the gender-obsessed Lenny Letter interview, Hollywood’s feminist icon Lena Dunham asked Moss important questions, such as, “What’s your favorite curse word?” and “Which of your body parts do you feel the most affection for?” But the most crucial question of all was the question concerning Moss’ overcoming of “the patriarchy” in America (the freest land on the face of the planet for all, especially women).

When did you overcome the patriarchy this week?” Dunham moronically asked Moss.

Moss first rambled on about attending the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards, which single-handedly countered the premise of the question (this was lost on Moss).

Then, the Mad Men star unleashed this gem:

“I’m producing a project that has a woman as its lead, and one of the places we took it to (that shall remain nameless) actually said that they couldn’t do it because it was too “female,” said Moss. “I remember thinking, Is that actually legal? Can you actually say that?

With no rebuke from the Planned Parenthood-loving, and always-naked (which is brave because she’s overweight and not a form of submission to “the patriarchy” she constantly speaks of) Dunham, the interview continued as normal because freedom of speech is apparently contingent on its ties to liberalism; any dissent from the unreasonable and dictatorial-like demands of feminism must be squashed.

“When did you overcome the patriarchy this week?”

Lena Dunham to Elisabeth Moss

Feminists like Moss and liberals in general have been increasing their push for censorship of the First Amendment, but only when it comes to views which are at odds with their ideology. Whether it is leftist politicians exploiting a tragedy in an effort to limit free speech from pro-lifers or the denial of dialogue from conservative students on college campuses, the assault on the First Amendment is alive and well.