Hillary Clinton says the motivation behind the attack by a radicalized Muslim couple that resulted in 14 dead and 17 injured doesn't matter. What's important is clamping down on guns.

While the left-wing media does its part to make the issue about gun control (The New York Times' front page Friday displayed two of the assault-style weapons used by the Ayed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik and features a headline declaring "Motives Unknown"), Democrats are going all in on trying to ramp up new calls for limiting access to guns. While the tragedy in San Bernardino was still unfolding, Clinton pounced on what she saw as an opportunity to push her gun control agenda, which she's been hammering hard in recent months.

Unwilling to yet acknowledge that Farook and his bride were Muslims, despite undeniable evidence, Clinton, like her fellow Democratic leaders, has tried to make the attack all about guns (despite al-Qaeda-style pipe bombs being involved too). The Democratic frontrunner is renewing her push for banning "assault weapons" and, as Breitbart News notes, continues to support the importation of more Syrian refugees despite security risks (Farook lived in Redlands, CA, a city the State Department has selected to resettle some Syrian refugees).

In recent months, Clinton has ratcheted up her criticism of the NRA and even the Supreme Court, which she said is "wrong" on the Second Amendment.