WATCH: DNC Chairman On Trump: 'I Can't Even Mention His Name'

On Monday, speaking at an immigrant and workers rally outside of the White House, DNC Chariman Thomas Perez, whose lips are not unfamiliar with expletives and profanity, said he couldn’t even mention Donald Trump’s name.

Interspersing his harangue in Spanish with an English translation, Perez blustered:

We may not have the White House now. Our most important power is not the “Mr.” in the White House, I can’t even mention his name. Our most important power is the power of all of you, the power of organizing, the power of fighting together, the power of our labor unions who are here in solidarity. Thank you for building the middle class, and we stand here with you. We will win in New Jersey; we will win in Virginia; we will win elsewhere because we are fighting for your values, fighting for comprehensive immigration reform. We will continue to fight for middle-class values that pay middle-class wages for everyone.

Perez does not seem to have a problem using foul language; on March 31 at an event hosted by the New Jersey Working Families Alliance in Newark, he ranted, “Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people.” In mid-April, he offered this:

In late April, with children on stage behind him, Perez told an audience in Las Vegas that President Trump "doesn't give a shit about health care."

Democrats were using Donald Trump’s language against him in the election, remember?

Yet this shirt was recently sold on the DNC website:

Perez apparently feels that mentioning Trump’s name might sully his innocent lips.

That’s rich.

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