Day After Mass Shooting, Barbara Boxer Says California Proves 'Sensible Gun Laws Work'

The day after a devastating mass shooting by a reportedly radicalized Muslim in San Bernardino, California, Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer said the state has "proven" that "sensible gun laws work."

"Sensible gun laws work. We’ve proven it in California and we are not going to give up," said Boxer in a press conference Thursday as more and more reports of the tragedy that occurred just the previous day were streaming in.

In what appears to have been a long-planned attack involving multiple guns and several pipe bombs, Syed Farook and his presumed wife Tashfeen Malik, launched a deadly attack on Farook's fellow state employees (some of whom threw his family a baby shower not long before the massacre).

The attack (which President Obama and some in the leftist media are describing as a "hybrid" between "workplace violence" and terrorism), resulting in the death of 14 people and the injury of 17.

Boxer is right about one thing: California does enforce most of the "sensible" gun control laws that the Left is calling for nationally (as does France, which just saw 130 defenseless citizens slaughtered by jihadists). Wednesday’s tragedy just demonstrates yet again how ineffective Democrats' gun violence “solutions” are in protecting the American people.

H/t Caleb Howe.


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