WATCH: Knowles Plays World's Smallest Violin For Hunger-Striking Yale Students On 'Fox & Friends'

As The Daily Wire's Amanda Prestigiacomo reported Sunday, the leaders of Yale's graduate student union Local 33 have launched a hunger strike, which may or may not involve actually abstaining from food. Despite the graduate students' receiving some of the highest stipends in the country, a full tuition scholarship, and free health benefits for their entire families, the snowflakes are apparently demanding more.

So over the weekend the Yale College Republicans did what any good young right-wing trolls would do and held a barbecue mere feet from the hunger strike site. The trollish CRs served up barbecued beef, baked beans, and corn on the cob to the campus community.

The Daily Wire's own conservative super troll and presidentially-endorsed bestselling author Michael Knowles, a former president of the Yale College Republicans himself, joined Fox and Friends on Monday morning to offer his take on the hunger-striking snowflakes. Watch below as he plays the world's smallest violin for the overpaid grad students:

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