Berkeley, California mayor Jesse Arreguin has outrageously decided to put the blame for threatened violence in response to Ann Coulter’s on-again, off again speech where he feels it belongs: on racism from the political right.

As reported by The Los Angeles Times, Arreguin bloviated, “We're a surrogate for the resistance against the Trump administration certainly, and for progressive values. It's not lost on me that I'm Berkeley's first Latino mayor. I have been outspoken against the Trump administration. I have to wonder if the mayor was white, would we see such hate.”

The Times reported, “Arreguin said conservatives, including Ann Coulter, have been able to parlay the clash between anti-fascist and nationalist demonstrators to their own advantage. ‘It's engineered intense animosity against Berkeley and that's a narrative they keep putting out there,’ he said.”

Arreguin must have been unaware of this:

There were more arrests, too; police arrested five people and confiscated numerous weapons on Thursday during demonstrations in Berkeley. The Berkeley Police Department reported that the arrests were "part of a coordinated effort to manage large scale demonstrations in the downtown and South Campus neighborhoods and on the UC Berkeley campus."

No doubt Arreguin drew further inspiration for his idiocy from The New York Times, which wrote Wednesday, “Across the country, conservatives like her are eagerly throwing themselves into volatile situations like the one in Berkeley.”

‘It's engineered intense animosity against Berkeley and that's a narrative they keep putting out there."

Berkeley mayor Jesse Arreguin, blaming the political Right

On Thursday, Berkeley officials warned students and residents to “keep a distance from violence.” UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and Arreguín issued a joint statement: “If you are at a demonstration and you see violence, separate yourself. Keep a distance from violence.”

In late March, Arreguin co-sponsored a resolution to impeach President Trump, blustering, “Every day there’s a new ethical problem that warrants impeachment.”