MSNBC's Hayes Calls Trump Supporters 'Nazis,' Gets Crushed On Twitter

Before we proceed, we need to define two terms.

First, a definition for "antifa," straight from the awesome Urban Dictionary:

Anti-capitalistic, anti-personal freedom (unless you agree with them) anti-spiritual, anti-point. Harbors a social superiority with lack of civility or natural intelligence. These dim bulbs (at best) can be characterized by, greasy hair, basement dwellings and being totally devoid of any style or attraction. Usually spotted lurking at night in large groups of marauding retards of like mind (or lack thereof) near a large University or College, anywhere they can find safety in shear numbers ... but has been known to venture out in the daylight to antagonize, mace women, light garbage cans and cop cars on fire at DJT rallies for money.

And the second term you'll need to know: "Nazis." Wait, you already know that one.

Back to our tale: Uber-liberal MSNBC talk show host Christopher Hayes decided to call all Trump supporters "Nazis" on Wednesday.

Now, forget that the antifa is actually much more like the adherents to the authoritarian fascist Hitler. And forget that ad hominem attacks are the weakest form of argument in political discourse, and that calling someone a "Nazi" is the weakest form of ad hominem attacks.

When a political talk show host calls people who don't think like him "Nazis," there really isn't anywhere to go with that debate.

Still, Twitterers rose to the bait to give Hayes a sound thrashing.

And one Twitterer noted that liberals are just as endangered by the antifa.


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