Batman vs Superman just released its newest full-length trailer and unlike Star Wars, where five trailers have been released and we're still guessing about what's really going to happen, Warner Brothers just revealed the entire plot, including a lame monster that requires both superheroes to reconcile before they defeat it.

Controversy has surrounded the film since its casting of Ben Affleck as Batman. Fans were worried that Batman was now going to have a south Boston accent and a gruff, prideful exterior hiding his blatant insecurity, that his best friend and math genius, Supermattdamon, was going to run off to California chasing Minnie Driver leaving ol' Batty to work alone at his demolition job. This trailer has confirmed those fears as well-founded. (As well as this trailer.)

Commenters have been less than thrilled.

Trivvy writes, "This trailer has pretty much just ruined the entire plot of the movie. Before it was like 'Holy sh*t how's it gonna end?! Who's gonna defeat who? Will anyone win? What is it that causes them to fight?'

"Now we know how they initially meet. Some sh*t happens that Bruce blames Superman for, but is probably set up by Lex somehow. Superman and Batman duke it out, Lex is like 'f--- it', makes Doomsday, then they realize the error of their ways and team up to f--- up the final baddie, and (inevitably) win after a hard fought battle."

Other viewers chimed in with,

"Also, wonder woman popping up to save Batman would have been an awesome surprise for the audience. It was clearly written to be one. Now it's ruined. We know that Batman survives that shot and how. No suspense left,

"'We have to put Wonder Woman in the trailer so chicks will come see the movie!' -marketing department full of men."

Fans also pointed out the CGI villain in the trailer is a rip-off of the cave troll from The Lord of the Rings. Yup.

Exit thought by Lord of The Rings producer Bill Lumbergh...