SICK: Leftists March To Immigration Center Dressed As Holocaust Victims

Long Island Action Events, a website dedicated to informing Long Island progressives about events, announced an event today at the Immigration and Customs & Enforcement (ICE) Detention Center intended to slam the Department that is enforcing standing immigration laws. However, the protesters will start at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park; protesters were told to dress up like concentration camp prisoners. Here's the description of the event:

Join a Procession from the Holocaust Museum to the ICE immigration detention center. Dressed in the clothing of the concentration camp prisoners, we will present Homeland Security head John Kelly with the Adolf ICEman Award. (This award is named after Adolf Eichmann, who was in charge of deporting Jews to the Nazi concentration camps.)

Wherever you are, wear the “NO!” – as a sticker, a t-shirt, an arm-band or written onto your clothes.

The protest purposefully coincided with Yom HaShoah, a day where Jews across the world memorialize the six million Jews slaughtered during the Holocaust. It also compared Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly to Final Solution mastermind Adolf Eichmann, who was executed in Israel for crimes against the Jewish people.

Leave it to Leftists to compare members of the Trump administration to Nazis while proactively minimizing the Holocaust and mocking those who were savagely slaughtered and imprisoned for the crime of being Jewish.

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