“If you have an Arabic last name, it’s terrorism,” said Casey Jordan to Alisyn Camerota, in reference to the murderers who committed yesterday’s mass shooting attack in San Bernardino. Jordan is a criminologist and CNN Contributor. Confidently speculating that the attack can be accurately qualified as “workplace violence”, Jordan posited that Syed Farook had been subjected to harassment based on his ethnic background. She said, “Maybe he was harassed at work for being Middle Eastern, or having that heritage, and (human resources) did not protect him from harassment.”

Jordan asserted that as soon as news began to break of yesterday’s attack, her certainty of the "workplace violence" was cemented. According to Jordan, Farook's attacking of an office party of his employer’s was sufficient evidence to qualify the attack as “workplace violence."

Terrorism, she said, is not directed at “very specific” targets such as office parties of country employees, but at locations like big box stores, malls, and train stations. When she heard that the attack had taken place in a boardroom, her certainty of the attack’s qualification as “workplace violence” was established. She characterized it as similar to “so many disgruntled employees.”

Jordan also speculated that there was a “master-disciple” or “Bonnie and Clyde” syndrome at play between Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, who appeared to be his partner in the mass murder attack.

“The cause, of course, was getting even,” said Jordan. As far as she could tell, there was no “political or religious ideology” or “extremist thinking” that was animating the murderers.