As we have all witnessed in the wake of Governor Sarah Palin's triumphant White House visit this week, the Left and their media allies have assumed the usual position -- you know, that one where they go hysterically insane over absolutely everything President Trump does. But with Palin added to the equation, what you get instead is a hysterically insane epic facemelt on steroids.

Yes, Palin, along with musicians Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, were Trump's invited guests, and along the way they posed with the President for a usual-usual photo in the Oval Office, and as an added bonus, we got this fantastic but good-humored selfie in front of two-time loser Hillary Clinton…

Some on the Left could not even deal with the usual-usual Oval Office photo, including President Obama's former speechwriter (and Hillary-photo groper) Jon Favreau:

Maybe Favreau would prefer Trump pal around with domestic terrorists and racist preachers.

Anyway, it is the trio's hilarious selfie with Hillary that really has the Left freaking out.

It is now national news!

CNN shrieked, naturally. Then there are the humor-challenged at Salon, the joyless HuffPo, and as you would expect, the Blue Checkmark MediaMafia has pretty much lost whatever was left of its mind (scroll, baby, scroll).

Oddly enough, though, these very same Virtue Signalers and Real Journalists suddenly so concerned with The Dignity Of The Office are the same ones who ignored, dismissed, and downplayed a much more troubling and outright disrespectful event that occurred when then-President Barack Obama's guests did something very different in front of a White House portrait -- that of President Ronald Reagan.

There was no humor from Obama's pals. No, it was not good-natured "shade" they threw at Reagan, rather it was a nasty and disrespectful series of "f**k yous" they threw.

For comparison…

Our national media and the Left have no values. If they had values, they would not have spent a year trying to put accused rapist and serial-groper/harasser Bill Clinton back in the White House. Nor would they have stood behind Obama, a man who befriended terrorists and spent 20 years in an openly racist church.

They are driven only by hate -- and although Palin did absolutely nothing wrong, their blinding hatred for her (and Trump) makes it impossible for them to do anything other than lash out, even though their staggering hypocrisy is a simple Google search away.

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