WATCH: Ami Horowitz Documents Sweden's Higher Rape And Violent Crime Stemming From Islamic Immigration

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz has done it again with yet another investigation exposing how Muslim immigration in Sweden has resulted in higher rapes and violent crime.

The video, titled How Is Muslim Immigration to Sweden Working Out?, begins with Horowitz interviewing a Swedish journalist, who explains that the vast influx of Muslim migrants have imported a Sharia-supremacy culture that treats women poorly. Horowitz then explains that Sweden has various "no-go" zones that are dominated by Islamists and which police and journalists do not enter. He visits one such area in Stockholm: Rinkeby.

In Rinkeby, Horowitz interviews various Muslim migrants, one of whom says that it is their culture that women abide by a dress code; another who says that his Swedish girlfriend is frightened to go to Rinkeby, which he said could "sometimes" be a dangerous area.

Horowitz then reveals that he and his crew attempted to film a shoot, but were chased away by five men. However, Horowitz stays and asks the men why wanted them to leave; one of the men answers that they didn't want to filmed. Horowitz asked why and the man responded that he simply didn't want to; the man suddenly became suspicious that Horowitz was filming him, prompting the five men to assault Horowitz.

The next segment features Horowitz explaining most of the violent crime reports in Sweden are from women who are reporting rape, which is occurring with alarmingly increasing frequency. But such crimes are covered up by the Swedish government by removing the backgrounds of those who committed rape.

Horowitz eventually interviews two police officers who reveal that they encounter people wielding various weapons from Afghanistan despite the fact that Sweden has rather strict gun laws. The officers also reveal that officers typically don't enter "no-go" areas, meaning that if they're chasing a criminal suspect and the suspect enters the "no-go" area, the police don't pursue the suspect.

The officers also admit that the crime increase has been covered up by the Swedish government to avoid accusations of racism.

Toward the end of the video, Horowitz points to the fact that Sweden has suffered its first Islamic terror attack; he then interviews various Swedes on the street asking them if they think the rape epidemic is related to Islamic immigration and if it's racist to think that it is. They all say that the rape epidemic is a "general problem" and that it is racist to connect it to Islamic immigration.

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