Democrats Are Turning To Someone To Lead Them Forward. You'll Never Guess Who.

The Democratic Party, heedless of the fact that they lost the White House to Donald Trump and the GOP because they lost the blue-collar white vote, is turning even harder to the left to acknowledge their new savior: Bernie Sanders.

This is not a murky supposition; in 2016 it was clear that the Democratic National Committee favored Hillary Clinton over Sanders. But now, DNC chairman Thomas Perez, who defeated Sanders’ choice for the position, leftist Rep. Keith Ellison, has joined Sanders on a week-long, cross-country speaking tour, endorsing the Ancient One’s plans to make everything free for everyone.

The Washington Post reports that the DNC is covering half the cost for the 12-seat chartered plane and the venues as well. Perez told the Post, “Our values are aligned on so many of the critical issues that confront the nation and the Democratic Party. When people actually look at the platform of the Democratic Party — they’ll say, ‘We need community college!’ — well, look at the platform. When they say, ‘We need a $15 minimum wage’ — look at the platform.”

Speaking in Louisville, Sanders ranted, “Our job is to radically transform the Democratic Party into a 50-state party. Our job is to create a democratic Democratic Party, a grass-roots party, where decisions are made from the bottom up.”

The Post gleefully noted that a recent Harvard-Harris poll found Sanders polling at 57 percent favorability with all voters, the best of any well-known American politician.

Perez and Sanders jointly spoke of free college education, and of course, health care, where Sanders favors a single-payer system.

Sanders told reporters, “I suspect that the Democratic Party here in Kentucky has not done the kind of job that it should have done in explaining [that] hundreds of thousands of people have received health care.”

Although the Democratic Party is turning harder to the left, that still doesn’t seem to be enough for some of their supporters.

Who would be leftist enough? Vladimir Lenin?

He may be the only candidate older and harder-left than Sanders.

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