Although Democrats now hold fewer nationwide seats than at any time since Republicans took all their slaves away after the Civil War, in the scalp department, the Left and their national media allies are doing pretty well. On their walls hang -- right next to revered photos of accused rapist and serial-sexual harasser/predator/abuser/groper Bill Clinton -- a number of bloody Fox News scalps, the most recent being that of the cable news king himself, Bill O'Reilly.

The tip of the spear in the war against Fox has been numerous accusations of sexual harassment. On top of O'Reilly, last year the founder and genius behind Fox News, Roger Ailes, was taken out. Also lost in the fallout were three anchors who fled the network in apparent disgust: primetime star Megyn Kelly (to NBC News), ratings-winner Greta Van Susteren (to MSNBC), and afternoon anchor Gretchen Carlson (maybe to MSNBC).

That's a whole lot of talent to lose in just one year. And while we don't yet know what the ratings fallout, if any, will be with the loss of O'Reilly, here is what we do know…

So far, the Left's war against Fox News has not only produced a cable news network that is now more conservative and pro-Trump, it is also much more popular and powerful than at any time in its 21-year history.

For more than a decade Fox News has mercilessly crushed its left-wing competition at MSNBC and CNN, and for much of that time Fox has earned more viewers than both of its competitors combined. And just last month, even after the fall of Ailes and the loss of Kelly, Van Susteren, and Carlson, Fox News not only enjoyed the best ratings quarter in its own history, it earned the best ratings quarter in the history of all of cable news.

And all of this is happening as the network becomes more pro-Trump and moves further to the right.

Megyn Kelly despised President Trump and her overall politics were at best centrist. She was eventually replaced with Tucker Carlson, who is much more conservative, much more on board with Trump's agenda, and who on a nightly basis brings on a Leftist to eat alive in front of more viewers than Kelly ever dreamt of.

Permanently replacing Van Susteren (another centrist) is Martha MacCallum, who is probably a wash politically. But in the aftermath of Trump's victory, it is much more helpful to the cause that MacCallum is seen as a serious and accomplished journalist (Van Susteren is a lawyer). On an almost nightly basis, the widely-respected MacCallum is superb at cutting through the anti-Trump hysteria that blares 24/7 everywhere else.

This is a massive upgrade over Van Susteren (who is currently languishing with low ratings at MSNBC). Gretchen Carlson's departure resulted in a similar dynamic when she was permanently replaced by Shannon Bream, who hosts a program much more focused on straight journalism -- much of it debunking the non-stop lies emanating from CNN and MSNBC.

And now we come to O'Reilly, whose fall has brought about the consequential rise of no less than three pro-Trump conservatives, starting with Tucker Carlson's move to that coveted 8 pm slot.

O'Reilly might have been the King of Cable News, but he was no reliable conservative. There is no question Uncle Bill was a right-of-center populist. But the loss of O'Reilly has only further-boosted Carlson, an unapologetic and articulate, pro-Trump conservative who will probably make Leftists pine away for the good ole' days of "The Factor."

In Tucker Carlson's old 9pm slot goes "The Five." And guess who got the biggest boost out of this move? The reliably conservative and pro-Trump Jesse Watters, who has now been upgraded to a much higher profile as a permanent co-host.

And who did Jesse Watters replace?

This is the biggest news out of all these machinations. Once you work your way through the drama, strife, spin, schadenfreude and timeslot maneuvers, the bottom line is this….

In the O'Reilly fallout, an even bigger winner than Watters is Trump fan and hardcore conservative Eric Bolling.

Yep, Eric Bolling just got his own show.

Because Bolling's show is set to air outside of primetime at 5 pm (for now), we are not hearing much about his massive promotion (well, there has been a little crybabying). But it is just a fact that the loss of O'Reilly has resulted in two of the most conservative and pro-Trump hosts in all of cable news winning their very own shows, and with this rise, a much more powerful platform.

So, who are the biggest winners in the Left's permanent war against Fox News?

Pro-Trump conservatives!

Yay, us!

Anyone tired of the winning yet?

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