The left-wing Associated Press brazenly lied to its Twitter followers Tuesday afternoon about the words shouted by Kori Ali Muhammad, the 39 year-old man suspected in the racist shooting deaths of three white people in Fresno, California (police say he has already confessed). The AP tweet in question reads, Fresno police say suspect in triple slaying told them he hates white people, shouted "God is great" before killings.

That tweet is a bald-faced lie.

According to police, Muhammad did not shout "God is great." What he shouted was "Alluha Akbar," which is Arabic for "God is great."

By putting "God is great" in quotation marks, the AP is telling its readers that those are the exact words shouted by the suspect, when the AP knows that those are not the words shouted by the suspect. And how do we know the AP knows its own tweet is a lie? Because the AP story linked in the tweet tells the truth, while at the same time keeping the deceit intact:

A man shot and killed three people on the streets of downtown Fresno on Tuesday, shouting "God is great" in Arabic during at least one of the slayings and later telling police that he hates white people. …

Dyer has said Muhammad shouted "God is great!" in Arabic while being arrested and had posted on social media that he dislikes white people. All three victims in Tuesday's killings were white men, and Muhammad is black. …

Authorities say Muhammad yelled "God is great" in Arabic while being taken into custody. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says he also had posted on social media that he dislikes white people. All three victims were white. …

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says the suspect in a shooting that killed three people in downtown Fresno shouted "God is great" in Arabic and had posted on social media that he dislikes white people.

As you can see above, on four different occasions, the AP refuses to tell its readers what local police told them the suspect actually shouted, which were the words "Allahu Akbar."

The reasons for the AP's lie is obvious. When you are a left-wing propaganda outlet, Muhammad is an inconvenient suspect. He is not white. He is not Christian. His name is not Irish. He targeted white people. He did not yell "Jesus saves!" He despises Donald Trump. Two of the victims might have been targeted due to their relationship with a Catholic organization. And the words "Allahu Akbar" just-might-maybe-kinda-could-possibly signify an inconvenient motive.

The Left is desperate to import Democrat voters from other countries. It doesn't matter to them if those Democrat voters are illegal aliens who rape, or poorly-vetted refugees from countries run by terrorist organizations like ISIS.

And so, when this kind of murder-spree occurs, one that involves the words "Alluha Akbar," left-wing propaganda outlets worry that if the American people know the full truth, it might turn them into "extremists" ready to support politicians who have pledged to commit radical acts, such as enforcing the law, properly-vetting refugees, and putting the safety of innocent Americans above that of a Democrat Party's electoral fortunes.

There is no indication that the Fresno suspect was anything other than a native-born American, but propagandists spread propaganda.

They do not know how to do anything other than lie.

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