During an interview with Sky News on Tuesday, two-time Olympic medalist and prospective Conservative Party politician, James Cracknell, commended North Korea, along with Communist Cuba, for having a "handle on obesity."

Yup, North Korea, the most secretive country on the face of the planet, run by a genocidal tyrant who staves tens of millions of innocents every day.

"If you think of the two countries of the world that have got a handle on obesity, what do you think they are? Which two countries?" he asked.

"North Korea and Cuba," said Cracknell, answering his own question. "See they are quite controlling on behavioral change ... you have to get people to buy into it."

After the hosts realized the rowing champion wasn't joking, a panelist interjected, "Well, people are starving in North Korea, aren't they? They're not obese because they haven't got any food."

"Exactly," replied Cracknell, "but there were sanctions and everything else ... the example is, it's behavioral change."


What in the bloody hell? Communist Cuba and freaking North Korea are the examples Cracknell decided to highlight in order to push for governmental intervention to tackle the UK's obesity problem?

Cracknell, who says he plans on making obesity a large portion of his 2020 campaign platform, received instant backlash for the interview from social media users who pointed out the Government Mandated Starvation Diet probably wasn't the best example for the Olympian to fall back on.

Managing Director of GlobalData Retail Neil Saunders scolded Cracknell for his "shameful" remarks:

Cracknell eventually apologized for his comments, explaining that he used "inappropriate examples" and will "take it on the chin."

As noted in The Independent, the United Nations has estimated that "the overwhelming majority of [North Korea's] 25 million citizens endure starvation and live with the threat of the Gulag, forced labour camps and public execution."