Suspect In 'Fast & Furious' Murder Arrested

​ A suspect in the 2010 murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry — whose death brought the notorious "Fast and Furious" gun-tracking operation to light — was arrested in Mexico on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Fox News reported that Border Patrol, senior law enforcement, and congressional sources had confirmed that Heraclio "Laco" Osorio-Arellanes, 38, was apprehended earlier that day "by a joint U.S.-Mexico law enforcement task force that included the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshals and the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC)."

Authorities told the outlet that the operation took place at an unspecified ranch on the border between two Mexican states, Sinaloa and Chihuahua, and that a $250,000 reward had been offered for information leading to Osorio-Arellanes' arrest.

"U.S. authorities have said they will seek his extradition," Fox News reports.

Agent Terry was killed on the night of Dec. 14, 2010, during a shootout with a drug-trafficking "rip crew" about 10 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border. "They were seeking to apprehend what's called a 'rip crew,' which is a name given to a crew that is organized to seek to rip off people who are drug mules or traversing the border illegally," Janet Napalitano explained a few days later.

The tragic death of Terry uncovered what turned out to be one of the biggest scandals of the first term of the Obama administration: "Operation Fast and Furious," a failed ATF operation which attempted to track hundreds of weapons being trafficked across the border, but ended up simply arming drug cartels and other criminals in the border region.

In order to track the weapons, the ATF deliberately allowed criminals to illegally purchase around 2,000 guns from gunshops in the Phoenix-area, but ended up losing track of more than 1,400 of the weapons. Two of those lost guns were used by the "rip crew" in the gun battle that took Agent Terry's life.

The scandal resulted in the resignation of U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke and Congress holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for refusing to turn over key documents for a congressional investigation.

Fox News notes that four of the "rip crew" members had already been sentenced to jail time, including Manual Osorio-Arellanes, while one suspected member, Jesus Rosario Favela-Astorga, is believed to remain at large.


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