After President Trump launched airstrikes on a Syrian airbase from which gas attacks on civilians were carried out, his former presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton, took to the microphones to give her long-awaited opinion. She tut-tutted, “I hope this administration will move forward in a way that is both strategic and consistent with our values. And I also hope that they will recognize that we cannot in one breath speak of protecting Syrian babies and in the next close America’s doors to them.”

This foolish argument is actually a new variation of an older foolish argument: the argument that you can’t oppose abortion if you want to slash government-sponsored welfare. The emotional play seems to be that you either accept personal responsibility for protection of human beings throughout their lives, or you okay their murder. By the same token, why should you oppose murder laws if you don’t want to adopt prospective murder victims as your surrogate children and pay all their bills, hmmm?

The Syrian refugee argument is precisely the same.

There are many good reasons not to let unvetted Syrian refugees into the country. And indeed, the vast majority of Americans would have no problem accepting child refugees – but those refugees have family connections, including parents, and we have no idea who those parents are, whether their values are compatible with those of Western civilization, what their economic status is, and whether that economic status is conducive to adding to the country from an economic standpoint. These are all fair questions to ask about immigration.

Those are particularly fair questions to ask when there are other Muslim countries willing to accept refugees, when those countries have cultures and religions far close to those of the refugees, and when the United States can demonstrate its generosity by both working militarily to end human rights violations and spending taxpayer money to help foster refugee safe zones.

But Hillary isn’t interested in truly helping Syrian refugees – or at least her party isn’t. They’re interested in using them as a political football after having presided over the complete breakdown in Syria, an impact of their precipitous withdrawal from Iraq, their willingness to treat Syrian dictator Bashar Assad as a “reformer,” their weakness with regard to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, and their pathetic and evil Iran deal.

But at least they care, right?