Krauthammer: Obama 'Lives In a World of His ... Idealistic and Deluded Undergrad Imagination'

In an appearance on Fox News' Special Report on Monday, political analyst Charles Krauthammer tore into President Obama for his "idealistic and deluded" view of the world which has resulting in a feckless foreign policy.

Krauthammer's comments came in response to the president's remarks at the COP21 climate change conference in Paris Monday in which Obama declared that the best way to defeat (Islamic) terrorists is to fight global warming. "What greater rejection of those who would tear down our world than marshaling our best efforts to save it?" said Obama.

Obama's efforts at the climate change conference, said Krauthammer, were yet another example of his idealism obstructing his ability to deal with the real world. In the end any binding agreement on climate change would have to be ratified by the Senate, which will never happen.

“[T]his president lives in a world of his idealistic—if you want to be favorable to it and benign about it—idealistic and deluded undergraduate imagination. This is as if the League of Nations and the U.N. and everything in between hadn’t happened," said Krauthammer.

After citing Obama's fruitless work in the past to end nuclear proliferation, Krauthammer said, "He lives in a world where people get together—reasonable, educated, Harvard Law School educated people from all over the world, and agree on futuristic designs that mean nothing, like the League of Nations, like the U.N. But we have learned something since then. He has learned nothing."

"This global warming is the same thing," he said. "Nothing will come of it because it’s not a treaty. It would never get through the Senate. It’s not going to be binding on anybody."

"He said 'What greater rejection of those who would tear down our world' than the meeting," added Krauthammer, paraphrasing Obama. "Well, how about a serious air campaign over Syria? And how about destroying their oil infrastructure, for a start?"

During the panel discussion with George Will and Juan Williams on the president's climate change policies and public opinion on the issue, Fox News highlighted just how low a priority global warming is to the American people—just 3% saying it's the "most important issue facing the country," dwarfed by terrorism (24%) and the economy (21%):

H/t Breitbart News.

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