On Wednesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo to United States attorneys regarding the Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, which he established on February 27. His hands-on approach to crime reduction was amply demonstrated in his verbiage.

Sessions has no patience with the ideas that the feds can reduce crime without consulting local and state law enforcement agencies. He wrote, “I have directed the Task Force to hold a National Summit on Crime Reduction and Public Safety within 120 days, so that we can learn from federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies, victims' advocacy organizations, and community advocacy organizations about how we can best support and replicate successful local violent crime reduction efforts.”

Regarding illegal immigration, Sessions warned, “The Task Force subcommittees will also focus on immigration enforcement and human trafficking to ensure that the federal government has an aggressive and coordinated strategy to deter those who violate our borders and subject others to forced labor, involuntary servitude, sex trafficking, and other forms of modern-day slavery.”

Sessions is also not content to stay in the bubble that is Washington D.C. and pontificate to those across the country about crime reduction without hearing from them first-hand. He noted:

As a complement to the Task Force's work, I have pledged to listen to the stories and concerns of those who are most affected by this rise in violent crime in communities across the country. I started my travels in Richmond, Virginia, where I talked with our law enforcement partners, crime victims, community leaders and others. Last week, I was in St. Louis, Missouri. And I expect to visit additional cities in the weeks to come.