WATCH: University Of Florida Professor Protesting Ben Shapiro Tries To Hide Her Identity

On Monday, before Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro spoke at the University of Florida in front of roughly 750 students, a small group of protesters showed up outside, including one University of Florida professor who tried to hide her identity when she was asked who she was.

Linda F. Hayward, an associate professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine, brandished a sign emblazoned “Words matter. Hate speech kills.” When she was asked by The Daily Nerv if she was a member of the university faculty, she refused to state her full name and attempted to hide her I.D.

Too late; The Daily Nerv took a photo that revealed all:

The Daily Nerv asked Hayward, “So, I see you have a UF ID. Are you faculty here?”

Hayward, “No comment.”

The Daily Nerv: “Can I get your name?”

Hayward: “No.”

The Daily Nerv: “So, talk to us a little bit about your sign here.”

Hayward: “So my sign says, ‘Words matter, hate speech kills.”

The Daily Nerv: “What is hate speech?”

Hayward: “Hate speech is when you attack specific groups or people, like you make fun, or have derogatory comments about transgender people or women.”

The Daily Nerv: “Are you attending the event yourself?”

Hayward: “I am not; I don’t think there’s gonna be space.”

The Daily Nerv: “If there were space and you were able to attend, what would be the question you would ask Mr. Shapiro?”

Hayward: “I would love to attend. I think he has different ideas; I don’t know all of his ideas, but I would like to know how he would propose to bring groups together.”

Asked whether “hate speech” should always be considered a protected form of speech, she answered, “I think, at some point, no … it shouldn’t be protected [because] it becomes dangerous.”

When she was asked if she could cite a single instance in which Shapiro had made a derogatory comment toward the transgender community, Hayward could not.

Video below:


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