Liberal legislators in California are pushing to make the entire state a "sanctuary" for illegal aliens, meaning local and state law enforcement would be banned from lifting a finger -- or spending a dime -- to help federal officials stem the flow of illegals.

And now, one wag has posted a fantastic fake sign on the Pacific Coast Highway at the entrance into Malibu. Just under tha sign that says "Entering Malibu, Population 13,000," the troll posted a professional-grade sign that reads: "OFFICIAL SANCTUARY CITY ‘Cheap Nannies and Gardeners Make Malibu Great!’ (Boyle Heights Not So Much)."

Malibu City Councilman Rick Mullen called it a “prank," CBS-LA writes. "Councilwoman Laura Rosenthal said: “This was not put up by the city.”

“The sign was not put up by the city. It will be removed,” City Manager Reva Feldman said in an email to CBS2.

Notes the Associated Press: "The City Council of the celebrity enclave voted 3-2 last month to prohibit use of public resources to enforce federal civil immigration law."