She makes $18 million a year. For what, no one knows, but Kendall Jenner is rich.

She didn't make a sex tape like her half-sister Kim Kardashian did, but she helps sell cosmetics, and there's a good buck in that, apparently.

But now the 21 year old is breaking into commercials, and her first one is absolutely hilarious for just how tone deaf Jenner (and Pepsi) can be.

We'll describe it, but you just gotta' see it (it's 2:39 of your life we know you won't ever get back, but trust us, it's worth it).

OK, so it's starts out with a cellist sitting on a rooftop helipad (we said this was going to be bad). Swirling camera, panning, lifting, flash of sparks. Sweat whipping off cellist as he plays. Cue Skip Marley, grandson of Bob, and his song "Lions." (Eventually, these lines: Deep down in everyone, there's a little fire/Let me get higher, I'll fuel the fire/Already high up, I'll take you higher/Real conga nyah, girls admire, well.").

Yes, real conga nyah, girls admire, well. We couldn't say it better ourselves.

So, shots of a protest, people marching down a street (they all look like models, and it's all a big party. Cut to Kendall, in a blode wig, looking pensive during a photo shoot on the same street. Her eyes widen, her lips do that model pout when she spies the sign "Join the Conversation." But she's working dammit, no time. Cellist, now inside, takes a break, sips a Pepsi, steps out onto veranda (he has a veranda, no starving artist here). Cut girls partying, talking selfies, drinking Pepsi.

Then, an angry girl in a hijab. She's an artist, too, of course, a photographer. She runs out of her spacious loft and into the street, to capture the moment (or perhaps to join the conversation, we can't be sure). Really handsome hipsters dance it up, EDM party style, quick cuts galore, back to Kendall, even more pensive and pouty. Then she sees the cellist (we know it's the cellist because he's carrying the cello in a huge case). He gives her the "c'mon, jump in" look and bam, Kendall rips off the blonde wig (that isn't who she is, man!), wipes off the red lipstick, and -- somehow -- changes out of a slinky silver dress into a double-denim outfit which no doubt will start racking up some high sales numbers.

Almost over. A hand reaches into a giant tub of ice filled with Pepsi ('cuz, you know, protests always have those). A few fist bumps as Kendall walks through the crowd, grabs a Pepsi and marches right up to the line of cops as the hijab-wearing photographer gets ready to shoot. Jenner reaches out her hand and gives the ridiculously handsome cop her Pepsi. Cue whooshing sound of cop opening the can, Jenner rejoins the crowd, huge whoops, fist pumping, some hugs and high fives (we did it! we did it!)

Lockout shots: On screen "Live Bolder" and "Live Louder" and "Live For Now" (trademark: Pepsi).

It's all dumber than that so do watch it.

Social media blew up because the big image -- Kendall handing the cop a Pepsi -- is nearly identical to one (above) from a Black Lives Matter protest in which Ieshia Evans, looking calm and resolved, extends her hands to be arrested by several riot-gear-clad police officers.

We could just go on and on. Like Twitter user @lgbtgreene, who said: "I can't believe Kendall Jenner ended police brutality and white supremacy with a can of Pepsi not bad for a girl with no talent."

Kendall has not yet responded to the criticism of the ad, the Daily Mail reports, but before it was released Kendall said: "I am thrilled to join the legendary roster of icons who have represented their generations and worked with Pepsi."

"The spirit of Pepsi - living in the 'now' moment -- is one that I believe in. I make a conscious effort in my everyday life and travels to enjoy every experience of today."

If only they'd had Pepsi -- and Kendall -- back in Selma. Real conga nyah indeed.