On Tuesday, President Trump spoke at the National Legislative Conference of the North America Building Trades Unions and brought the crowd to its feet, when he declared, "We're a nation of builders and it was about time we had a builder in The White House."

In between cheers, Trump told the audience, "We're the nation that built the tallest skyscrapers on what was once the Hudson River and put neon lights of Las Vegas in the middle of the desert. But if government continues to punish America's builders, then we will not be that nation any longer. I'm calling on all Americans -- Democrat, Republican, independent -- to come together and take part in the great rebuilding of our country."

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Trump went on to say that,

"The home-builders confidence index is at its highest level in 12 years. And now in breaking news, it was just reported today the monthly U.S. trade deficit declined by 10 percent, for a reason, not by accident, believe me. It's for a reason. We're also going to protect your jobs by protecting our borders. My administration is (sic) just a matter of weeks -- in literally short period of time has brought record reductions to illegal immigration. Record reductions. Down 61 percent since inauguration. General Kelly is doing a fantastic job. And we'll crack down on visa abusers that undermine the American worker. And we're doing that right now."

The president followed up by once again pushing his giant government spending plan.

"That is why in my address to Congress, I called on lawmakers to pass legislation that produces a $1 trillion investment in the infrastructure of our country. And we need it.

With your help, we can rebuild our country's bridges, airports, seaports and water systems. We will streamline the process to get approvals quickly so that long-delayed projects can finally move ahead.

And with lower taxes on America's middle class and businesses, we will see a new surge of economic growth and development.

All of you have come to the nation's capital to call members of the House and Senate to action. You've also called your president to action. When you see them, you can tell Congress that America's building trades and its president are very much united."

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Exit thought from what one YouTuber, who thinks this should be the "new presidential music when he walks to the podium":